Twelve triangles, which together make up two large triangles consisting of nine triangles. One is upward-pointing, while the other is downward-pointing. The union of the two creates a hexagon in the middle, and if lines are drawn to the center, a cube is formed. If you unfold the cube, you get a cross.

It is probably because of this geometric symmetry that the double triangle has been a popular symbol since ancient times. The symbol can be traced back to many cultures around the world. For example, on the city wall of the Mesopotamian city of Amida, where the Sumerians and Babylonians ruled around 3100 years before our era. The symbol also appears on the Sumerian tablets. In Hindu yantra, the symbol is called shatkona. In Shinto temples in Japan, the same symbol (Japanese: Kagome Mon) has been used since the fifth century BC to protect against evil spirits. In Judaism, the double triangle is used as the emblem of the religion and on the flag of Israel; here we know it as the Star of David. Within Islam, it is known as the Seal of Solomon. Pythagoras called the same symbol the star of creation.

The double triangle appears in many places; both naturally and man-made. Thanks to archaeologists, we now know a lot about artifacts that have had the double triangle, including seals, reliefs, mosaics, amulets, household objects, coins, well covers and monuments. It is also used as decoration in countless variations.

A microscopic inspection of a snowflake reveals the double triangle. At the bottom of the pomegranate, it unfolds as a flower, on the board of the Chinese checkers, and as the base model in Goethe’s color wheel where three light colors (CMY) and three dark colors (RGB) make up two opposite facing triangles.


It is apparently an integral part of the universal framework that connects all things here on Earth. Quartz is the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. When casting glass, a mixture of plaster and quartz is used to make the mold more heat-resistant. Quartz’s chemical name is SiO2. At a molecular level, the double triangle is found in the crystal form of the mineral quartz.


According to spiritual science, the triangle is a symbol of the universe’s threefold nature, heaven-earth-human, father-mother-child, etc. The double triangle can symbolize that any true analogy must be used in the opposite way; as above, so below. Thus a kind of union of opposites. The upward-pointing triangle is solar and masculine. The downward-pointing is lunar and feminine. The upward-pointing is positive and fire. The downward-pointing is negative and water. The double triangle carries a bisexuality in itself. The union of day and night. The union of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In symbolism, the hermaphrodite is the complete balance of complementary forces. In alchemy, the two triangles are essence and substance, form and matter, spirit and soul, sulfur and mercury. Together they are flowing fire or flaming water.

According to natural science, light is also threefold in its nature. First, there is light energy as a wave, the masculine pole. Then light energy as a particle, the feminine pole. Finally, there is the synthesis of the two, the plus and minus poles. Magnetism and electricity show the same principle. It is also well known that there are protons, electrons, and neutrons on the atomic level. Water can also have 3 states, just as Uranium has 3 different chemical structures depending on the temperature.


The twelve triangles can point to the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 months of the year, or the 12 hours of day and night. The hexagon can point to Saturn’s north pole, which is hexagonal, the formation of beehives, turtle shells, pencils, or structures in molecular models. The materials the triangles are made of represent the tangible vegetable, elementary, and mineral kingdoms. The double triangle is an outer and visible sign of an inner or spiritual force, which is why the double triangle also has sacramental properties. Bronze, as an ignoble metal, is the corrupted human sensual world, while the noble metal tin is from the Earth’s repertoire. In alchemy, tin is associated with Jupiter. Brass, on the other hand, is an alloy of copper and zinc, where the metal copper is associated with Venus. A small note on the idea of guessing; in Aramaic, one of the earliest languages to be written down, abracadabra means “I create as I speak”.

Cropcircle in Avebury, England 2005.